Kit Wan is a Hong Kong based independent menswear designer and visual artist whom based in Oslo formerly. Following his BA studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in fashion design, he completed his Master’s degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2016.

Exploring manga, high-tech, sci-fi and mechanical aesthetics, Wan’s cult-like body of work navigates the contemporary world through diverse art forms and clothing design. Using his clothing collections as a direct medium to visualise his distinctive motifs on bodies, it branches into concepts of uniform and body armour/ extension. Through dramatically constructed shapes, colours, fabrications and steady development of designs, his clothing collections are articulated with the evolvement of fictional storylines in his manifested universe.

Wan’s distinctive multicultural work and vision have been gaining momentum from a wide geographical and creative spectrum, stretching from Hong Kong to Oslo. With his cross-cultural background, he creates an universal visual language that bridges his world to the contemporary cultures. His work has been covered by the likes of GQ Italia, Vogue Italia, Elle Norge, WGSN, Fucking Young!, Highsnobiety, Recens paper and King Kong Magazine, and featured at ‘Urban Influence fashion exhibition’ at the Spring Studios, New York in 2017. Wan also received recognition from The Arts Council Norway in 2017 for his collective work, by being the first fashion designer to recieve the young artist award. In 2019, Wan becomes the new addition to the list of designers like Richard Quinn and Edda Gimnes to recieve printing sponsorships from Epson Europe.